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Does the 2012 period that you have mentioned begin January 1 and finish December 31st of that year, that is, will it last 365 days starting from January 1st?

  No, it began a few years ago. Remember Haiti, Chile, the tsunami in Malaysia.














Did the period of 2012 already begin with the Japanese earthquake and tsunami?

   No, it had already begun before with these other catastrophes.


What do you say about the movies and books that speak of the end of the world in 2012?

              It is sensationalism. Yes there is imminent danger that is manifesting cruelly (but not undeservedly) but I your God, have faith in you.  





Prophecies on 2012

Does the planet end on December 22th 2012?

No: it is the end of an era of barbarism, characterized by human wickedness and the disconnection of your own spirit with your Creator: your faith has been placed on money, power and technology, like a new religion, whose God is vengeful. It gives you handfuls of fleeting illusions, ephemeral satisfaction, and leaves man naked and hungry, feeling unprotected, believing he's estranged from God.

            Some from this point, recognize their need to return to their beginnings, and they change their life of misery to one of generosity: they look at the other person, feel the other person, love the other person, and realize their error of perception that they had had before. But most will continue with their old beliefs, encouraging the blindness of others and creating wickedness towards the world which responds in an irate way: volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, earthquakes, plagues, etc., returning again to the defenseless man, so that from his defenselessness he have the opportunity to look again at his true Father. 2012 is the peak of human wickedness as the last chance for the human race. There have been many races that have not achieved their return to their beginnings. My plans? The Creator's plans are not destructive; those are human plans. I am Creator. I am the Father.