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I reside inside each and every one of you
What do you say on Adam and Eve?

They contain a metaphor of the Creation and reveal mysteries that only eyes and ears which are trained and clean will be able to understand. All your questions could be answered in Genesis, but you must read it not literally, but with an analytic spirit and open heart. Genesis has a veil, which can be interpreted literally by the youngest and revealed to the oldest who are able to read between the lines the secrets of  Creation. There is the Big Bang, human abominations, Yahveh. All the questions you ask me can be answered in Genesis. Now it's my turn to ask you.

What are you going to do with all the answers?

What good are they to you?

What good are they to anyone else?

What will you achieve through them?

What are you going to change?  

What I request of you now is that you spread the word that I reside inside each and every one of you and it is time that you realize it, and the only thing I expect from humanity is you love each other. Moreover, that is the way to return to God.  

            The world crumbles under your feet and you have not been aware of it. You observe climate change as a temporary phenomenon, the disappearance of animal and vegetable species as something hopeless but unimportant, that the species that die out decided to retire from the hostile world, the same way as large numbers of people do who perish in natural accidents, such as cave-ins, earthquakes, forest fires, as well as in technological catastrophes. Many also decide to leave before the Great Tribulation. Free will.