The result is:

1 - An increase in extreme poverty.

2. - Lack of education: "useful for their purposes."

3. - Control of the country by organized crime, in combination with the authorities that hide them and protect them, sending the innocent to war, who are slaughtered as a standard of punishment "in the fight" against organized crime.

 Reestablish the ties that sustain the families!

 To create a society that produces honest and committed leaders and rulers for your country, for the world, but especially with you yourselves:  

 In agreement with God!

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I reside inside each and every one of you

The family disintegration

versus the destruction of society

Society broken down by the loss of faith, of values, of genuine love - that always looks to be of benefit to the loved ones no longer counts on ties that can support the family, which falls apart in most cases, the same as the society constituted by them. Both (family and society) lack a real sense of life.

            The rulers, politicians and other predominant figures in our society come from these families, and they assume power without any tools to conduct the country on sure paths toward prosperity. But instead, swollen by ambition, they become, not servants of the country, but rather use it for their empty and perverse purposes.