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I reside inside each and every one of you
How does our relationship with God originate?

The origin is in the Universal Spirit that in turn generates the Individual Spirit. This Spirit, the Individual, through quantum energy generates an energy that gives place to the mind and mind gives origin to matter which is the body. This movement is in a spiral, descending and then returning, but the thing is that the body cannot communicate directly with God. That is to say, not through the senses, but through pure mind. Pure mind yields to the Individual Spirit that in turn communicates with the Universal Spirit: God in the person of Jesus, in that representation of the Trinity.

God is omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent.


Master, can we talk to you at any time?

 Miguel, we could spend the afternoon talking. You ask and Iíll answer. 



You know that I will always listen and answer you. I live in the time of no time.


     Is there any urgent message, Lord?

No, at the correct time Iíll tell you. When I give you urgent messages itís because there are catastrophic threats, which can be avoided with awareness, in communion with God.


     Donít you get bored?

Imagine: with millions of people like you, would you have time to be bored?


     How can you live in each and every one of us?

It is as if I lend to each one an atom of Who I Am. Each one of you has a Divine origin; you are my children. You are created from Me and now itís time to recognize this Divine origin.


     Boss, thanks for your encouraging words.

What you do is fine and I appreciate every-thing: your enthusiasm, your desire, your service.


 Weíre here to serve you, Boss!



     Is it true that those who donít live to serve donít (de)serve to live?

Everyone has a purpose in life. Some are a burden who makes others grow; at some point it will be they who grow. Karma is a Law that none can escape. Those who lived to serve have risen a step in evolution; those who donít serve to live will continue standing at the foot of the stairs when they want to go up.


     Do those who now work for You co-create with you by being in Your service?

 Yes. We are co-creating the change in dimension of the Planet. It is hard work that could take a lifetime.


 What dimension are we heading to?

You are going to the fourth dimension. Some already co-exist there.