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I reside inside each and every one of you

     Before being named, I Already Existed, before being perceived, I Was Already. Each culture names me according to its perception, beliefs; all know something and are ignorant of a lot. In the beginning, man marveled at the forces of  nature and he believed them to be his Gods, since his world view was limited; however I Was Already. They degenerated the pagan cults starting with what I had already created: the elements of nature, part of Me and My Creation. And I Already Was. 

Afterward they realized that somebody had created the elements, even themselves, and they named him God the Creator. 

Today I show you the co-creation with me and you pass the time investigating my name, origin and performance and I CONTINUE BEING THE I AM THAT I AM, AND WAS AND WILL BE, ETERNALLY: THE UNIVERSAL SOURCE, THE CREATOR, GOD, Yahveh, Jehovah, Jeshua, Thor, the Tau, the unnameable, the one that doesn't have a name; and you can philosophize about this for years, and I AM

Nobody has the absolute truth; all have part of it, but added together it can be more than the sum on its parts. By that I mean you can rescue your brothers among you. 

One fiber of the heart is only that, a portion of muscle, but all together, they are the motor, of life, of many beings.

Do you think the fiber knows or the heart knows what it is? But all the organs together constitute the human being in your biology, and your spirit gives it the conscience of being. 

I have always communicated with you, with humanity. The capacity to hear me depends on several things, on love, faith, conviction, individual evolution (through diverse lives and experiences) and also on culture, (theoretical and religious frameworks). Also your beliefs will always have a strong influence and the strongest belief is an inherited belief. And other less powerful ones that you have been acquiring throughout your life.  

Each one's beliefs are unquestionable; they reside in your conscious mind and are very difficult to modify. You identify them with your personality and they permeate your lives. These beliefs are threatened when somebody contradicts them or at least when they differ from your own beliefs.


What is a man in evolution?

 A man in evolution has the capacity to go beyond this attitude and he tries to understand the new, not to accept it; first he questions it and he reasons with it, but primarily he experiences it, by means of his intuition and conscience, and it is through his spirit that he can find new truths or reject them. 


Today, what I inform you, is the news of what may, or not, happen to humanity.


 Always the Divine Will is to protect you, respecting your free will and the Laws of  Creation, as well as those of Karma, and while humanity is signing a fatal sentence, I, YOUR CREATOR am giving you another opportunity and a large number of you is taking it, which elevates the terrestrial human's vibratory level.

 Also with you are the great masters - - we won't stop to give their names - - that correspond to very high vibratory spheres and that are guiding you toward a new era.

 All the support that humanity needs, I give you: "He who has eyes, let him see, he who has ears, let him hear."



The catastrophic prophecies of the end of

the world are not written in stone.

What happens

is your responsibility.



I made the laws. You can amend them. You and I co-create at the present time, right now, at this moment.


You are no longer beings unaware of your environment, nor of your situation. Now you know the responsibility that you have with yourselves, towards others, with your Planet and with the whole Universe.