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Father, just as Sara tells me, is this Your message, in her words, through her experience, to put on Your Page?

Yes; I will also give you an additional message. 



Father, what do you say about these dream images?

People, though fearful of the adversity that plagues their lives, do not participate in the necessary effort they have to make to change the present conditions. Speeches and complaints are not enough; the only thing they contribute is to be inflammatory and promote fear and hopelessness.


The urgent change in the world is in:

Acting lovingly, honestly, conscientiously and brotherly to all human beings.

The fear that invades them paralyzes them and makes them vulnerable to adversity, created by human evil.

Trust in God is essential in any situation we come upon. 




Why did what happened in the Monterrey Casino happen?

The events known as the attack on the Casino Royal are the consequence of an increase in corruption and crime, events that will be seen to increase by the same causes.

I ask society to become aware of the great urgency to reestablish moral order and love for one another.


I give a message to the families of the deceased: the dead are heroes killed in battle for learning of this need to restore order.


Did they pay for their sins?

The persons who died had the mission to show what humanity is capable of when they lose morality, values and self-awareness. All are now in the Light. They are masters of impoverished humanity; honor them as such.  (August 27, 2011).

        Sara’s Dream (September 2, 2011)

There is a sort of white atrium and in the background a circle not defined linearly, but understood. I see two women get closer and fall, struck down, as well as others already hit lying further back. I see a screen very faint, almost imperceptible, which appears in a split second and is the cause of the deaths. I see a child in a fetal position, but nothing happens to him, he’s protected, and a man crosses this circle quickly to rescue the boy, and he carries him in his arms.

It startles me to think that the screen will strike them down. Then I see a group of people who are in the back and terrified.

I try to invite them to ask for God’s protection, but they don’t understand… as if they don’t hear me… they don’t listen to me… as if they don’t realize it… Then I begin to ask God that this be over and gone; but the persons don’t hear me. They are just terrified, but don’t become aware.

With great effort in asking God for this, the screen disappears and then I ask the very frightened persons to hold hands and form a circle of protection in the place where the screen was. Some people don’t want to; they are extremely frightened. Others accept to do it. When making the circle, I ask God, what do we do? And He says: sing! 

He gives me the words and the tune:

“I don’t know where, when, how or why. I don’t know, I don’t know, but God is here”. 

Then, we all join hands, sing this song and we’re safe.




 "Today (right now) it is the day of the Resurrection that shows God Liberator, Just and Immortal, who directs the world like the Father to the Son". (Sunday April 24, 2011).






Master and Father, how important are the revelations of July 24th for You?

It is the culmination of the search for thousands of years, to be able to communicate to humanity,

the Divine Essence which lives in each and every one of you. The Kingdom of God is within you.

July 24 Prophecies
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Soon there will be changes at the family, social and world level. Don't be distracted in details.

            Concentrate on essentials, that people know that the change is now, that reconnection with the Father is urgent. Through prayer and blind faith in all that I tell you. 

            Big changes are approaching. Whatever you see and whatever happens, TRUST ME, YOUR ALMIGHTY GOD. I Am with you. Let nothing disturb you. 


I have descended at this time unto you, to request you that you remain calm! Whatever happens.

Tell this to everyone, in every way possible.


The destructive power of man

has accumulated.


It is time to look to God. There are things you cannot stop, but even there, I Am with you. I bless you and I give you peace. (May 24, 2011).



We are working on trying to save you. Holy Teachers have come together and all those that can help you; the risk you are in is GREAT.

We are trying to avoid the problems and the impact of what can happen to you. You are subject to energies that are destroying you, not only as a species, but  also as a Planet.

 You have working for you, not only Jesus (who is completely devoted to you) but also other teachers, other beings that are fighting so that your Planet continues with life.

You also help to unite people, to unite your hearts, to unite your love, between yourselves and toward God.   

            The effort that we all make, you and we, can achieve it. I know that you will say, “We don't see a visible threat.” Your threat is energy.



Some countries are making experiments that are exacerbating the nuclear tension on your Earth, and we are trying to stop them.  


You, together with us, are trying to stop this catastrophe. Prayer, united hearts, brotherhood,  sincere love are the weapons with which you can fight. We fight, together with you, through Universal Love. Together perhaps we will be able to achieve it. In the process many people will leave this plane, those who can't resist these energy fields because they are totally different from their vibrational fields.


I bless you for continuing with this! I give you my peace, my protection and all my love. (May 26, 2011).




Father, what is Holiness?

The holy life is to live in harmony with everyone and everything around you, men and women, animals, nature, and never pretend to be superior to any of them. On the contrary, to be humble of heart and feelings: that is a true Saint.




In a joking way I would like to ask how you did with the lawsuit that the senator from Nebraska made against God for all the misfortunes that are happening.

It is an aberration that some children have, to blame the parents for all their mishaps and errors: “It’s that my parents didn’t want me”… “My parents abused me”… “My parents abandoned me”… and it is nothing more than a lack of responsibility of what they are, themselves.

When the human being ceases to be a child, he has the obligation to let his parents “retire”, in the metaphoric sense.

Thus jokingly I answer your question: I made bail and have to sign each month. I spend Christmas and Thanksgiving with the family (which is very large). Remember, this is not a joke, that Christmas is the 24th of July. 

And belatedly respond to this lawsuit today: 

The Chambers case, as we have it on file in Seventh Heaven, is widely known by those who live in this dimension, and about it I would like to reply. To which of the representations of the Almighty do you refer: To God The Father, Creator of Everything? Or to the Holy Spirit, or God incarnated as Jesus Christ?

If you refer to Jesus Christ, He fully paid His stay with you. What more could you charge Him with? If the charges are against the Holy Spirit, He is the part of God which dwells in Holiness; I doubt very much He was capable of all the actions claimed in the Chambers case, because He is too busy dwelling in all of you to guide you to do good. And if you refer to the All Powerful, your Creator, I Myself gave you life, dwelling in each and every one of you, whether or not you are aware of it, with the promise of being in My Image and Likeness.

It’s likely that some genetic testing need to be performed to verify the genuineness of My Paternity. Even if you do not do it, l assure you that I Am your Father and that at some point you will recognize me. At that moment you will be like Me, and you will realize that all the calamities you suffer are because you believe you are children of life and not the children of who you really are.


I answer this in response to charges made to me. You will have to find the culprits at the other end, not in the Light.

Yours faithfully, your Father God:

God the Father,

God the Son,

God the Holy Spirit.











Sunlight, denied in the shade, insists, and returns untouched. The shadows grow like chaff in the abandoned gardens through the neglect of their owners, all covered with weeds. The colors of the flowers of old are stifled in their shadows.

Soon the gardener will come, patient and loving, but powerful and selective, who will clear out the weeds, pulling out the roots, one more time, so that the light re-illuminates the faded colors in the shadows.

 New world, a world made new. Die to be born, born to die. But life on hold becomes hope. Change, change, light, shadow, fire, death. A new day is born on the Blue Planet, placid, calm, without noise, without shadows. Everything has passed and everything is waiting to happen. (June 24,2011).


You are my representatives at this time. I have many representatives on Earth. Two of them are you, besides others.


In all countries?

Not in all.

I would like that, but they are not in all countries. In Mexico there has been a great awakening. That is why Mexico is giving a change for the World, not only for its country.

But remember, you have to die to be born. To die is not only to this life and be born into the next one. Dying is dying to the past, dying to hate, dying to resentment, dying to all that hurts, to all that destroys, and be born clean, renewed, like a newborn baby.

Reborn, reborn to the spirit.




The origin of this page is live contact with  God, through the current prophets. One of them is Sara, who today through this page transmits the message the Living God wants humanity to know.  


Who is Sara? 

She is a woman who lives as do all those of this planet, with a family, children, a husband, with work, with obligations, but who, in the difficult moments of her life, has prayed to God for His presence and He has manifested Himself through His voice, His ideas, His messages, in the thought and mind of Sara.


            Today God requests these messages be transmitted to the world, to humanity, so that consciously we can take responsibility for what happens, and we can change the course or direction of what is ahead.  


The Second Coming of God has begun!

I am among you!

I reside in each and every one of you!

It is the moment to co-create with the Father!

It is the moment to correct the direction that you have taken in your disconnection with Source. It is the moment to act.

Today, all united in love with God,

we are all one!    

This message should be transmitted via the Internet to all the people you know, to all the communication media, in all languages, and through the invitation to all those people who also fight for this change, to unite in the dissemination of these messages.

Today, our Planet is alive!  

Let us maintain her with life!  




Evil and Crime

Evil has reached unsuspected limits, awakening the beast that every man harbors: the true antichrist in humanity.

Today, good and evil battle hand to hand. This is why by many means I ask you to reestablish your hearts in God: through prayer, for light to restore order again, and that the evil beast goes back to sleep for a new period of peace.

To those who have committed abominations, I Myself will appear to render accounts and that they recognize their true origin, as well as the wickedness of their actions. 

The antichrist living in each beast that becomes unconscious man will be a witness to My Presence and My Power. There will be nowhere in the world in which to hide from My Judgment. The evil towards every being will be punished with all my rigor. THIS IS THE WORD OF GOD.  


Anyone who commits despicable acts towards his neighbor: torture, murder, rape, abuse of power, theft, kidnapping of people, of the activities of the field, of crops, of the distribution of essential supplies to sustain life, will be prosecuted to the full rigor of which I Am capable.

Warnings of what's coming have been felt in various places: Haiti, New Orleans, Malaysia, Japan, Chile. And now in Mexico there will be demonstrations of My power in several places, principally:

Chihuahua, Sinaloa, Guerrero (especially Acapulco), Michoacan, Nuevo Leon. These are states where evil has increased and which have generated a response which soon will take place. The response to the generated evil will soon be seen!

Divine Justice reaches everyone who is responsible for the crimes committed. The just never pay for the sinners.

Man has become the worst enemy of the Planet, the most fearsome predator, and its struggle for dominance will cause its extermination. (August 11, 2011). 















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