I didn’t make religions. Religions, you remember, are human creation to govern the behavior of the masses, to moderate them, to enforce their values, both social, in keeping with each culture, and universal ones.

      Religions come from the human mind. My only purpose with humans IS TO TEACH THEM UNIVERSAL LOVE. (Love of neighbor, of Nature, of the Universe is the way, without religion.)

     It is only in the purity of feelings.



     Does your Page have more information than the Bible?

   Yes, because the Bible is specific to social and religious issues. 


     And social issues almost from the time of early mankind!

      That’s the reality. 


     Why is the language of the Bible so complicated?

      Because it was made for the elite: intellectual, economic, etc., and also because they could not be expressed openly or explicitly because of the political, religious and social problems which those who wrote feared. Their work was often punished with death; for this reason the language is so difficult to understand. So in this way, only the most learned could understand it, and hence the importance of “he who has eyes, may he see, and he who has ears, may he hear”.

      Before, everything was in parables, metaphors, in simulated language to avoid problems. And yet, the Bible can give a message to the simplest person, as well as to the most educated and erudite. 


     Can people find more qualitative information on your site than in the Bible?

      Not only qualitative but also quantitative. I have given not only appreciative but also scientific definitions, expressed in precise units and real terms. And in many cases, on theories that their minds have not yet constructed.

      Besides quantum physics, there exist other more subtle energies that cannot be explained. 


     Why do you speak to us now with such clarity and precision?

      Because it is now assumed that there is freedom of expression and anonymity in the expression. Before, there were so few people who knew how to write, that everyone knew who had written it. 


     Many people who read the Bible believe that God only belongs to that time and place mentioned there.

     Does that prevent them from contacting You?

      In general, people consider God a distant being, which dwells on High, in the distance, without knowing with precision where and when. The reality is I DWELL IN EACH ONE OF YOU AND IN EVERY PART OF THE UNIVERSE, THE CREATED AND THE UNCREATED. 


     How can we recognize what comes from God?

   My word is always in love, truth, justice and equity. Everything that is not expressed on these values is not My word.

      When they say, “Women, be quiet; if you want to learn something good, ask your husband or father”, I am not the author of those words. They are not in love, much less in justice and equity. Thusly you can analyze any text. 


     Does this apply to any text?

    Yes, to any text and to any person. Because what comes out of the mouth comes from the heart. 


     Is all the Bible the Word of God and all the Word of God is in the Bible?

    No. Behind is the hand and manipulation of man. God’s Word cannot for excellence be only there. What I tell you today is not in the Bible! 


     Is the Bible a book of natural science, i.e. everything was created as is noted there?

      The Bible is a simple book, for those who want to understand literally, complicated for anyone who wants to scrutinize, and magical for those who interpret it like that. This goes completely against the natural sciences.


 Why does it say in Genesis that the earth was created on the first day and the sun until the fourth day? Does this make sense?

    Totally illogical. It is also a self-centered theory, because the Earth cannot survive as an isolated planet and much less without a gravitational center. The question could be the reverse: it is as if you said, “The first thing created in the world was the ground (terrain, soil)”. Everything has an order. I have already explained how energy and matter are generated, and how they interact. 


  Does the Bible have the plans of Creation, everything happening as mentioned there?

    No. Not the case, but… no, no, no, please. The Creation is scientific, science which you still cannot understand. They explain it through phantasy, fiction, magic. Some day you will understand the creation, but I haven’t given you the plans yet.


         Through this communication with You are we able to know more about Your work, the Creation?

      Yes. The Creation is very complex. The explanation would be incomprehensible for you. We would have to write many volumes, use many hard drives. 


     About the controversy between science and religion?

    All made manifest and unmanifest is a scientific fact. When science is insufficient to explain it, it becomes magic or a miracle and at some point will be science. Every event is mediated by energy and matter. There is nothing that is not mediated by them, whether they be feelings, planets, the Universe, animals, historic events; energy and matter are included in everything.

      I clarify that not both need be manifested. There may be only one of them or both, because there are situations where there is only energy. For example, love. You can’t see it, touch it or smell it, but you are certain it exists. 


     Is it correct that Christianity included the Jewish Canon (the Old Testament) in their Bible?

      If we become historians, I have told you that Christianity today is Pauline, more correctly said, because it a modified Judaism which lies in the depths of Christianity.


     Are all humans your children?

    Yes, but not all are aware of it. Those who already are aware have a different behavior: in Universal love. 


     How should the conviction of the faithful be to his Creator?

      Free of manipulation of all types: religious, economic, cultural. Every child of God is free and support is inherent in his faith, payment is in kind, all his needs will be met, from the abundance of his Creator. 


         Can people be sustained by just believing in You, without working?

      No. I do not promote irresponsibility. Everyone whom I call My son knows the Laws. Therefore they are hardworking and honest. 




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I reside inside each and every one of you

The Bible


      Was the Bible inspired by the Holy Spirit?

      If there were a pure Bible, without modifications, omissions and manipulations, you could say it was Divine Inspiration. But you know all that has happened throughout history with the Scriptures. We could say that the result is collaboration between the Holy Spirit and man, in which holiness and humanity are mixed. 


     Being Divine, is the Bible infallible in content?

      No. For the same reasons I just explained. 


     Is God the author of the Bible, and thus it is His Word?

      It is My Word, from the human understanding and manipulation. And I am always trying so that human beings know that they can reach God by themselves, without religion or scripture. Simply in communication of their Divine essence (Spirit) with God. 


     Were you interested that a book (publication) like the Bible existed?

      No, because the concept of God can be encased in a book, as have various religions, and I have explained that I Am the Whole, much more than a Sacred Scripture.  


     Was Moses the one who began writing the Bible?

  There are more people previously who began this account of the origin of man. Remember that Moses had an Egyptian education and his religious concepts were very different. It took a little time for him to become aware of his Judaic origin, and change his beliefs. However, he was influenced by Jewish elders, from whom he took inspiration. 


     Did you call him and start talking to him on Mount Hor, as mentioned in the Book of Exodus?

      Moses retired to meditate, to pray. I spoke as I speak to you today. 


     Did you ask the religions not to publish more books and to be limited to only a few?

      No! Goodness, how you limit me! I’m making a joke, but I want to say that I am not limited to “x” number of (Bible) books. 


     Did they close their Canon for more comfortable control? To unify each religion?

            It’s the same as in the schools. They ask for a single textbook per subject, so there are no discrepancies, and still do not understand the concepts.


     Why did the religions that use the Bible close their information?

       All religions are wrapped in a frame of mysticism, which adds importance, both to what’s written and to those who study it, so that access to them is limited to certain ones “qualified” to do so. Disclosure of the sacred writings is closed, to avoid “misunderstandings.” Its reading and study are limited to certain individuals with permission, to keep hidden certain mysteries which supposedly should not be accessible to anyone; as if God were not accessible to any human being. But this way you always need intermediaries between man and Father God. That is what religions are for. 


     Would you have liked that the communication and biblical information had been ongoing?

      It is ongoing. What are you doing right now?


      Master and Father, this isn’t the Bible.

   No, because now the technology is cybernetics. 


         Was the intention of the books of the Old Testament to communicate nothing more to the Jews? 

       No. Are you Jewish? Religions exclude, and My intention, always, is to unite every human being in love. 


     Are not the books called Apocrypha (perhaps canonical) of the Old Testament inspired by God?

      It depends who says it. If you ask who wrote them, I will say that they are Divine Inspiration, like the Holy Scriptures. If you ask who excluded them, I will answer they are evil. 


     What if we asked God to give us answers?

      All thought directed to God is contact with God Himself, pertaining to whatever culture, philosophy or religion. Did I answer your question? 


      Yes, Master, of course. I love to talk to You directly, spontaneously. Thank you very much. You are fascinating!


         Are the books of the Bible a unified entity?

    No. The religions try to unify them, but: not all books there should be there, and some books that should be there are not.


     Are the Acts of the Apostles a history of early Christianity?

      The first events of Christianity were the co-existence of Jesus with His followers and His apostles. Those were the early Christians, without writings, without churches, without Canons, without protocols, only with faith. 


Is the Bible a religious book par excellence?

      Religions are given validity by their religious books; therefore it is indispensable to have them. A book by itself is not religious. It is the intention of those who use it that way which makes it religious.


     Without the Bible, would the religions which followed have been mute?

      They would not exist. Where do they get their laws, their mandates, and their dogmas? 


     Is the Bible the complete guide for all matters of faith?

      No. Faith goes beyond guidance. Faith is a spiritual quality, not a dogma. 


     Some people claim that “the whole Bible is a message from Heaven that God has provided for our instruction,” Is this true? 

      I have already answered this question when you asked if everything written in the Bible was dictated by God and if the Apocrypha was not dictated by God. It’s the same question in different words.