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I reside inside each and every one of you

Contacting God

Lord, what instructions can You give us to facilitate contact with You?

1.- Desire to do it.

2.- Consistency in the desire to do it.

3.- Pray, recite, meditate, contemplate, be silent and await My Words.


How can we know that You are speaking?

I communicate with you in the person of Jesus and my language is fraternal, loving, in truth and justice for all. It is a versatile language that adapts to any mind, any culture, philosophy or religion. My Words always lead to good and harmony, generating personal and spiritual growth in whoever practices it.


Can anyone speak with You?

Yes. It is a fact that I talk to all my children. Some hear me and others don't. It is only necessary to learn to distinguish between My Words and your mind (or your ego).


Some day will all people talk to you?

Yes. This one of God's purposes aimed at co-creation with the All.


What chance do we have to know others of your purposes for humanity?

In the intercommunication between you and Me there will be infinite revelations:

1.- Purposes of peace, love and harmony among all.

2.- Respect for each other between humans and all species that live on the Planet, and all its natural resources and those created by science, always based in community prosperity and respect for all the inhabitants of the Earth.

 3.- Science should be careful with what it generates, and take care that it be in benefit of all living beings and the Planet, and that it not be used in contra. This will lead to the evolution as a species as a Planet, which will allow you to access other levels of learning:

 * Spiritual. Understand the respect to other beings which co-exist with you and who guide you in this spiritual knowledge to facilitate your presence in higher dimensions. You call them angels, ascended masters, spiritual guides, light beings, etc. From the beginning of mankind they have accompanied and taught you, from language, agriculture, construction of large monuments such as temples and pyramids, to complete cities, of which some ruins remain and others have disappeared.

 * Intellectual. You can more easily be able to grasp advanced technology from higher spheres that will allow you to easily communicate and navigate in the Universe. But first you must learn love and respect for Creation.

 * Communication with other non-human species. In the Universe there are many species that come from other genomes (non human) and therefore with characteristics very different from yours. All were created by Me. Some are thousands of years more evolved than you, and others are more primitive. They are also my children in evolution.

 The planets, constellations and other concepts of organization in the Universe have many forms of life. Humans consider themselves to be the only inhabitants of the Universe, which is equivalent to believing that ants are the only inhabitants of the Earth.


How can we communicate with inhabitants of other planetary systems or other planets?

There are persons who do it, who have even visited other worlds, but among yourselves don't have credibility. Your criteria are narrow in this respect. There are also those who lie when they say they do it.


Can we have a cultural, scientific, reproductive exchange with beings from other worlds?

Yes. In fact, there have been all these exchanges since the dawn of humanity, but their records are lost in time and in unbelief. The bases of mathematics, medicine, architecture, astronomy, language, agriculture, etc. have been received from more evolved beings, who have helped you.


Lord, what outcome can we expect for those who communicate with You?

1.- Follow my instructions and reach the objective of the human project sooner: co-creation with God, or in other words: be in my image and likeness, “become enlightened”.

2.- Ignore this and continue their journey at their own pace.

3.- The path with Me is solitary. Your families may move away from you. It is a difficult path, which requires sacrifices at times, a lot of work and devotion, as well as blind, unquestionable obedience.