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I reside inside each and every one of you

Can a person be possessed by the devil?

            Demonic possession exists as human creation derived from wickedness and their victims are those who don't have a connection with their spirit or with God. These entities are nurtured by that same wickedness.

Can exorcisms be carried out?

            Yes but it depends on the trapped person's will, if he/she wants or not to be liberated.

What should be done to exorcize?

            All authority is given through my Son Jesus Christ. You can cast out demons in Jesus Christ's name. I, God Almighty, give that authority to my children in Jesus' name.






Does the devil exist?

What do you believe? How many times have you seen him? Or how many times have you blamed him for your actions? The devil is the dark or shadow side (the bestial unconscious) of each human being, a creation of his own wickedness that becomes his own judge and executioner.

            (see: descending cycle and human abomination)

How are demons produced?

            They are produced through human wickedness that generates a black energy which gives life to these entities. They are evil entities.