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How did the Mayans know to give us the prophecies about 2012?

The Mayans had prophets, the same as there have been in different cultures, religions and races, and the messages have been received through them.


What is the prophet?

            It is all that that one enjoys to be in My presence; it is to be on the same wavelength with me and listen to Me speaking in his or her ear.

God the Father may grant one or several 7 virtues to some of  His children: 

1.    Gift of prophecy .

2.    Gift of languages.

3.    Gift of interpretation of tongues.

4.    Discernment of spirits.

5.    Gift of healing.

6.    Casting out of demons.

            7.    Gift of faith.





I reside inside each and every one of you
The messages of God

They have been given from the mouths of prophets, oracles and from the observation and interpretation of natural phenomena and cosmogony, always through the interpreters of God.

The purpose of God is always love and protection of His children of all species, but it never transgresses the laws created by Him. It is "the Law of God".  

God who knows all is everywhere, and although He can do all, respects how His children act (His creations) in order to allow their evolution by means of the development of their conscience: "To be conscious of being the children of God and being in His image and likeness."

And they will go through great tribulations for their acts and mistakes, not as Divine punishment, but for the blocking of their conscience that impedes the path of return to the "Origin": The Father of all Creation.