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I reside inside each and every one of you

What is Holiness?

 The holy life is to live in harmony with everyone and everything around you, men and women, animals, nature, and never pretend to be superior to any of them. On the contrary, to be humble of heart and feelings: that is a true Saint.


Can one humanly live in holiness?

Yes, life is a great opportunity of exalted learning to reach holiness and requires the subjection of the senses, the subjugation of the ego, so that the Spirit be the guide of what's happening in this lifetime.


Do the representatives of the religions really live in holiness as they proclaim to do?

Some live in holiness who are not even known and this analysis I leave to humanity: analyze what is the behavior, the lifestyle, the socializing, the compassion for others, the restrictions they undergo, and answer for yourself who and how the representative of your religion lives.


Is 'analyze' the same as 'judge'?

Analyze is simply to split up a topic, without judgment. Judge is to issue a judgment of the analysis done.


How can we split up a topic?

Every issue, situation or phenomenon is open for analysis: it can be broken down. By studying each one of its parts it is possible to understand a little more fully its totality. However, I again mention the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. For example, when you get sick you go to a specialist and he is dedicated to study the affected part, on many occasions ignoring the rest, and as the rest is involved in the malfunction of the affected part, if the interrelationship that exists is considered, a solution will be reached sooner.


Does this mean making an abstraction?

Abstraction is to look for or remain in something specific, unrelated to the rest. For example, you can abstract yourself looking at a star, not seeing the rest of the sky. That is an abstraction.