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I reside inside each and every one of you

Jesus Christ "the Man"

Family Life


 My family life was full of love, work, obligations and restrictions; my childhood passed among my siblings and playing, as well as learning with many teachers from whom I learned the Torah book of Jewish law and the principles of the orderly life in the Spirit.

The Judea of then was a small town, with isolated houses, built with the same material that the desert earth provides. Our house was a great living room that served at the same time as kitchen, bedroom and it harbored some domestic animals.

My mother and my sisters took charge of preparing the food, that consisted mainly of bread without yeast that was made from the wheat that each family sowed on their lands. We also consumed milk products obtained from sheep. The consumption of meat was scarce. The animals were more useful alive, they gave us sustenance for more time.

On special occasions we ate lamb and some grasses of bitter flavor, also cultivated by us. The olive trees enriched us with their fruits and their oil that gave a special flavor to the food.


My Mother Mary loved roses that she also cultivated on our land and they always adorned our house, inside a clay pot.

The streets, the houses, and the utensils seemed to be part of the same earthy and grayish landscape of our earth. Only the olive trees and some vines gave their green color at certain times of the year.

It is strange for people to hear that I studied the Torah, a right that was reserved for only a few belonging to higher social levels, but I sneaked into the synagogues to listen to the teachings of the rabbis, until I was discovered and expelled, for not belonging to the lineage of the rabbis.

But by force of my persistence and stubbornness, I was accepted, finally, as a distinguished student. My zeal and thirst for knowledge led me to long discussions with the old rabbis. I was always described as rebellious, because I never blindly accepted the teachings, and I always judged from the heart and also from the mind.

In full adolescence, I was already an expert in the Sacred Writings, which won me the title of Teacher or Rabbi, and I began to speak to the people of love to the Father, about love to others, of Divine justice… when I met an old teacher who had retired to the caves of Qumran and who invited me to follow him.

 When I arrived to this place, I realized how many people lived distanced from the Jewish world dominated by the Romans, and that they found the peace as much spiritual as physical in this space.

By way of tunnels and chambers, hollowed out of the stony mountain, there existed a kind of monastery where dissident Jews retired from the world were harbored, dedicated to the study and the cultivation of the Spirit.

They spoke little to each other; the teachings were based more on deeds and on straight living, dedicated to work: cultivation of the earth, care of domestic animals and those of burden, and mainly to meditation of the Spirit.

Little by little I fine tuned my hearing and I began to listen to my Father, my Creator, the Universal God. And my communication with Him each time was more fluid, so that we spent long hours conversing about the purpose of my presence on the Earth.

The wisest in this community helped me to also understand my mission, and little by little, I understood the whole preparation that my Creator facilitated, so that I could fulfill my mission: to take to the world my Father's words: Love and respect each other. Thus I began the way of return to my Father.

 I passed several years with this group of people and when I understood the great responsibility of what should be, as well as the bitter times that I would experience so as to leave the testimony of my existence and teachings on the earth, I was afraid! As any one of you would who knows that you will be humiliated, tortured and murdered.

It took time for me to assimilate it. The retreat into solitude helped me to realize the honor of serving my Father and humanity, and I returned to Judea strengthened and transformed into a man that, although young, was ready to fight for my people and for the world.

Walking in the outskirts of Judea, I met a young woman with eyes the color of honey and a pale face, but with a smile that illuminated her face: Mary, and she came from Magdala, a fishing village, accompanying her father on his business trips to distant towns. She and I exchanged glances and something seemed to identify us: you and I know each other!

I continued my work among the people, teaching what my Father dictated to me: “Love and respect each other”, words that, although they seem very simple, have been the most difficult to assimilate. Even nowadays, humanity doesn't understand them. I realized that it was easier to preach with examples and I began to speak to them in parables, that also gave me more security, because my fame had already reached the ears of the Roman Emperor, who didn't worry about me, as long as I didn't threaten his political or economic interests or power.

 Little by little, people gathered in the fields, on the roads, in some vacant space or in some house and the Words of God were shared. Although I know that many hearts didn't open up, I know that others were touched by the power of God, and a lot of people began to walk in my steps, among them the young girl with the honey eyes: Mary Magdalene, who in little time became my faithful follower. The trips with her father had given her the opportunity to learn, much more than any other woman of her time. We begin a journey together, as if we had always done it. Fondness and understanding embraced us, and, against all provisions of laws, we decided to unite in Marriage: the Wedding at Cana.

Many more people went than those we thought would arrive and like a wonderful work and gift of God, the food and the wine were plentiful; the sustenance for life comes from the trust in supplier God, who always gives bread to the hungry and water to the thirsty. This way, He provided everything necessary for this great occasion, for Mary Magdalene and for Me. Truly we were two lovers who were able to unite in body and spirit, under God.

We continue together, she as a wife and faithful pupil, in company of the rest of the apostles who always mistrusted her, for being a woman, considering that she should remain at home, to always care for the home fire.

However we never made differences or stigmatization for the sex difference, and to her, my wife, I gave her the place that corresponds to all women, under equality of rights and conditions, the same as for man.

This treatment, different from the rest of the women, made it a cause for hate and aggression for many people, who described her as a prostitute for the simple reason of walking beside the men. Through lies and deceptions, she was also accused of being possessed by seven demons “That I myself expelled.” The people thought that taking advantage of this, she had retained me, without realizing that only the purest love was our tie.

Mary Magdalene, as they called her, to distinguish her from other Marys, soon learned all my teachings; she was my favorite pupil, not only for the love professed between us, but also for her great love and loyalty to the Father, as well as her courage to support my mission, at the cost of repudiation and discrediting by those she was victim to.

The afternoons we passed in the orchards, surrounded by people, who with great eagerness listened to the “good news” of freedom in fellowship, and equality in Divine Justice.

Each time, more followers adhered to the movement of freedom for the body and the spirit, until the point that it began to be threatening for the great Roman Empire, and they began to send their soldiers, to find out the intentions and interest of so many people gathered around Me. Soon they realized the threat to the Roman occupation in Judea and in the surrounding towns, and of the great loss that they would suffer if the people united in rebellion against them.

I knew, from the day of my baptism in the Jordan, by my cousin John - - who by the way, was very eccentric because he lived alone and he ate exclusively grasses; for clothes he wore a camel skin - - that the following step would cause me extreme pain on my mission: my pregnant wife's separation, as well as the torture and humiliation of us both, and the martyrdom that almost killed me, that by the workings of God I managed to survive.

Being on the mount of olives and surrounded, not only by apostles and warriors, but also by a multitude, Mary Magdalene and I were captured. Both barefoot, we were tied by the hands and dragged along by the Roman soldiers, mounted on their horses. Our bleeding hands and feet were not a subject for their pity, and in this way, we were brought before Pontius Pilate and several members of the Sanhedrím, the supreme council of the nation, in a closed door judgment that was outside of all Law, but that was urgent, so that nobody had time to reflect and protest about the injustices that were happening.

Mary Magdalene, punched, insulted, and humiliated, was expelled from this place and I remained for the trial and the torture by the Roman tyrants and, even more, of the many Jews who also insulted me. They disavowed me, condemning me. What they said was a lie: “He is not the Messiah that we await.”

The pain of the body and of the soul is indescribable; only my Spirit remained uncorrupted. My blood spouted from all my pores, my bones were fractured, the pain made me fall almost unconscious, that for Me, was the opportunity to escape from the torture and to preserve me in my Father's presence.

Little by little I was losing consciousness; the loss of blood, the dehydration, the excruciating pain and the asphyxia, from being supported by the arms, tied to the cross, and my hanging body, made me fall unconscious that was interrupted in an instant, by the sword thrust into my side, which discharged the blood accumulated in my thorax, shed by the blows and which, although grievous, saved me miraculously from dying, but not to remain in this unconscious. My body no longer felt, it was alien to Me; I WAS WITH MY FATHER, and my words to Him they were: 


Father: I have done my duty,

I am before You; I have gathered up with my blood all human wickedness, and

I have shown them the way to return to You, through love!



While I rested in the ecstasy of my Father's presence, my inert body was taken off the cross, before the searing pain of my Mother and my beloved wife.

Thinking me dead, I was wrapped up in the Judean custom with a linen blanket that was donated by my great friend and protector, Joseph of Arimathea who, without making any demonstration, realized that I was alive. I was placed in a cave where the cadavers of his relatives were deposited, to make believe to all that I had died. Even my Mother and Magdalene believed it; and later I was rescued by him who drove me, together with people of his trust, to a remote place on his property where I was lavished with care, until, little by little, my body was healed.

My Mother and Mary Magdalene were advised that I was alive, all this under a lot of Hermeticism and care, since all were in danger, as much our protectors as we were.

The first one ending up to see me at the house of Joseph of Arimathea (one of his estates, as he was a rich man) was my dear Mary Magdalene who after so much desolation and suffering, looked at me again in the eyes that were still dull at that moment. We both hug each other with the joy of the great love that we have toward the other. Her pregnancy was already obvious. Days later my mother arrived and also amid tears we hug each other and we begin to plan how to survive and to save the son that was coming, as well as to continue the mission for which we were sent.

The Roman occupation and the Jewish revolts transformed Judea into an insecure, dangerous and aggressive land, besides the great lack of food and supplies for living. The advice of Joseph of Arimathea was that we keep the secret of my survival from the rest of the people, and that in the darkness of night, we leave by different routes.

Our protector provided us the means to leave. I headed to the east, together with my Mother, who insisted on not leaving me. I was still weak and sick and Mary Magdalene was forced for our son's good to leave to Europe. After a long voyage she arrived to the south of Spain, accompanied by James and some others who took care of and protected her. On arriving to these lands, James followed his path to continue preaching the good news; a part of him is known as James's route.


Mary Magdalene arrived in France, close to giving to birth.


Always under the protection of groups that believed in Me, she continued life given shelter in maternity and in the writing of what was our life together: Mary Magdalene's Gospel, that narrates the truth about the mission that I completed among you, as well as the horrors that we lived by being the Son of Man sent by the Father. Her work occupied the rest of her life saddened by the separation, to which we were obligated.

My Mother and I left to the east; we were for a time in different lands, always hiding our identity, until we arrive to a distant place, near India, where their religious beliefs were foreign to our people. It was there where we settled down. Many years had passed to arrive to a sure port. My Mother although young was still worn out and saddened by the separation of the rest of the family: Joseph and my siblings who remained in Judea until the day of their death. Except Thomas, who a little time later joined to us.


What did you do in India?

 Making a simple life is possible in any place and India, especially, is kind. The first thing was to build a livable place. We located ourselves in a fertile valley at the foot of the mountains (the valley of the river Indus). The natural riches provided us with much food as well as materials to build a house.

Our isolation was short-lived, since we begin to know people in the surroundings. At the beginning, language was a barrier; however simple people's kindness doesn't need words to communicate, and from this kindness we also had food.

In those days people produced their own food, taking care of the domestic animals and cultivating the earth, the same as in Judea. I never stopped thinking of Mary Magdalene and the son (daughter) that I never knew. Even at a distance I always loved them with the certainty of the reciprocity.

Writing became for me one of my main tasks, besides preaching to love thy neighbor, which was much more understood in these places that, although with beliefs different from Judaism, assume responsibility for their actions.

In India I learned Hinduism and Buddhism and I understood the diversity of ways that My Father has to reach the heart of each human being: in the differences and in the similarities, but above all, the central teaching, in all the philosophies and religious beliefs, is Universal Love.

I also lived with Buddhist monks who shared with me their teachings: love and compassion toward all living things.

When my Mother died, Thomas and I continued on our road through diverse lands, sharing and learning with these kind people in whose country we find refuge, sustenance and peace.

Did I have other partners? No, my love continued alive the rest of my days.

When arriving at old age, Thomas and I knew that soon we would unite with the Father, first I and after a little time he; the day was long and arduous, but finally, we would meet again.


Where is my tomb?

 It doesn't exist; my death was like that of any lowly human, whose mortal remains are not. My spirit ascended to my Father whom I met again, stripped of the matter that was the vehicle to live among you.


I continue residing among you, now from the Spirit,

and I also continue with the mission that I began more than 2,000 years ago:


Communication with man in the purest love that will allow you to become a race different to that which you are today:


All will love each other, there won't exist frontiers, and you will all speak the same language.


When all are recognized as brothers, you will understand the reason why God descended to live among you: so that you be an image and likeness of your Creator.

Humanity has had several evolutionary opportunities and you have not achieved this purpose: to return consciously to your origin.

At present you are a mature humanity with technological, cultural and social resources and soon to awaken to the Spirit.

 I, Jesus,

continue with you.

I am your guide.




Memories of

Mary Magdalene


It is no secret, the ban on women, not only in education, but also on the very expression of their views. Everything I've lived and learned in the company of my beloved Jesus has been silent for centuries, and what has been reported has been through the interpretation of other men, who, by their very nature, do not understand the female viewpoint in this mission in which I participated.

 It is true, I was the wife of Jesus and the mother of his offspring, but above all I was a faithful follower of His teachings.

I learned with Him, the responsibility entailed to be conscious of the Divine Origin of every human being: responsibility to rule out suffering as a punishment or wrath of God towards his children. It was in this consciousness that I learned that Universal Laws govern us, which are the cause, the origin of the effects that we perceive as our reality.

 No one else is responsible for our joys or our sorrows; it is “Our Free will” which governs them.

 I know that these Laws eliminate the need for the intercession of religion. God, Creator of Love and of the Universal Laws, is confident in the awakening of humanity and in the implicit responsibility in the co-creation with Him.

This period, characterized by man's disconnection with the spirit, and thus with his Divine Origin, qualifies all actions of man: toward his brethren, nature and all the components of Creation, an act that makes him a victim and a murderer.

 Jesus predicated LOVE for one another as the way to the Father.

 In LOVE exists: respect, understanding, compassion, tolerance, equality and above all, harmony, not only among the living beings but in the entire Universe.

 It is in LOVE, that I understood His teachings and the way to the Father, just as today he continues to teach:


Love and respect to one another, as God loves you.


This sheet is a summary of what the real life of mankind is. Not only today but throughout history, many centuries have passed trying to make it conscious, and Mexico is an example of how to change from evil to love one another: that is evolution.