Master, has Karol Wojtyla arrived to Glory, is he a Saint?

             Man takes longer than you think to understand the Holiness and awaits a miracle or miracles (seeing is believing) of that person, to validate his Holiness; however that Holiness is given by The All Powerful One, and Karol Wojtyla (John Paul II) obtained it before dying.


Master, with all respect, could we know the previous lives of John Paul II?

John Paul II is one of my older children, and the older teach and guide the younger. You have had his kind company and teachings.

His past lives are not of your concern. Some issues are not in the public domain. I respect the lives of my children, as well as their privacy. It is personal choice to open the book of Karma for each, but each one on his own right. Next you will ask me, Ah, thereís a book of karma?

There are records of each and every one of you in each of your lives, with all your actions, experiences, sufferings, joys, sicknesses, triumphs, accomplishments, relationships with each other, etcetera, etcetera, but one of the Universal Laws prohibits inquiry into the registry of another, unless the other requests it and permits it. It is Godís Law. They are called akashic records or akashia.








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I reside inside each and every one of you

John Paul II

John Paul II was a man who suffered a lot, was also charismatic, a worker and devoted to his missionary vocation; he did a lot to unite the world, to unite the different religious faiths, to liberate the societies that suffered from communism and for the end of the cold war. He forgave the man who shot and almost killed him, etc.