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What does the fact that some person who lived in wickedness, was a victim of his actions also being murdered, tell us?  

“I was murdered and I am in the terror of the darkness and I ask forgiveness for all those people I harmed. I ask forgiveness to God; I am in darkness and I look for the light."

  I, Jesus, take control: you suffered in your own flesh and blood the harm that you caused others. Today I give you the opportunity to come to Me, to arrive to the light and that you return to freedom. This plane, in which you manifest as a ghost, you don't belong to and I, Jesus, expel you from it.

 You will spend the necessary time in the darkness, and in the moment that you deserve to, I will take you out of there. Now, I order you to go to where you belong and don't return.

I take care of you, I protect you and I bless you. I am with you, the people who died in the disgrace of the darkness; remain there the necessary time to settle his debt of terror, of wickedness, of criminality; all that they did to others, must be consumed by themselves.  

When that happens, I Jesus, the Son of God, will rescue them and guide them again.


What are ghosts?

  They are dense residues or perturbed emotional burdens remaining in the human dimension and that are sometimes perceived by some people.

   These entities inhabit places temporarily, and when all these elements that constitute them are attracted by people that resonate with them, they disappear.

     An entity characterized by wickedness will be attracted by people with these qualities; it is simply resonance energies. Possessions don't exist, if not by like attracting like.


Can children fall prey to these entities or ghosts?

     No; some may perceive them, but not having resonant energy (similar vibratory level) they can not be affected by them.


In planets in process of deterioration as is ours, what happens to people who live there, when some succeed and others fail to recognize their Divine Origin and Destiny?

      The beings who achieved it can reincarnate as teachers and guides of who could not yet make it, or reincarnate in more evolved planets. Such that those who were not aware of the above unavoidably will have to return and learn by the path of suffering, (which is human choice), and by means of that suffering, find the path to return Home.


All human suffering is not determined by, nor inflicted by God,

but is generated by your own actions.

 My Father established Paradise on Earth, and you destroyed it.

The promise is:




Note: the dimensions correspond to the descending spiral from God and the virtuous circle that is established between Him and the human being, or the disconnection with Him, by the loss of consciousness, generating a vicious circle of distorted energy that is directed to the Earth without the possibility of returning again to Him, causing chaos and destruction. This is connected with the escape of electrons in people whose atoms are not configured and they affect the electromagnetic fields of the Earth, altering the energy of the nucleus which reacts in an explosive way: earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, and also causing changes in the atmospheric pressure: hurricanes and tornadoes.


Is the destruction selective or generalized according to how people act?

  It is selective and it depends on the subatomic energy of each human being. When it is the product of emotional disharmony, it degenerates, and through resonance with many people in certain areas it is manifested in catastrophes, affecting those who generated it. Those who do not resonate at that frequency will only be an observer.  

    Unfortunately for humanity, these black nuclei are widespread, so that the Earth has many altered electromagnetic fields, which carry a large risk for the planet.


Those that resonate in higher dimensions will be positioned in them.

As I explained to you before:

They will be observers and, where appropriate, guide others.


 The dimensions are like radio waves, they are in the same space, but they don't mix. It is the same in life: each one is at different frequencies; they coexist but they don't mix.













I reside inside each and every one of you

After life?

The transcendency of the soul accompanied by the spirit (that comes from the Father) goes beyond the earthly life and it depends on your actions in this world,  as to where you will go; it can be located from very elementary planes, right up to being next to the Father.

"By their fruits you

will know them".


What happens when we die?

  Death, like birth, is a process, perfectly synchronized, which will prepare the individual to live in a certain dimension.

   Just as a baby requires 9 months of gestation (usually), in the same way death requires the preparation of the biological body, as well as the soul and the spirit, toward the next transition where it will no longer dwell in matter. However, the only significant change is in the body, which decomposes to the essential elements that gave rise to it. “You are dust and to dust you shall return”.  

    But not the soul and spirit which will be positioned together in their proper dimension, according to the grade of maturity reached by the soul. (The spirit is Divine energy, immutable and eternal, in the image and likeness of God.)

In this way, the worst murderers can not access God, based on their deeds, and they will be tormented by them, until the moment of a new reincarnation that will bear as primary feature suffering, the same that they caused others. 

The person whose life work is in service, love and compassion for others, and who also has the purpose of improvement and learning for himself and his peers, is fulfilling the highest purpose of his existence and he will have the opportunity to be in the presence of God, as well as to choose to reembody to help human evolution or to remain in the Divine presence, always participating in creation (co- creation).  

    As I have explained, there are different hierarchies as well as dimensions, which each being belongs to, by Divine Law, according to his evolution and achievements.


Why are there people who say they can speak with the dead? Is this real?

     Yes, it is true. Communication with the dead is possible, by means of brain functions not activated in all people, because it requires a certain wavelength that activates the receptors of thoughts, both from the living and the dead, that are looking to communicate something pending. Its stay in this dimension is not eternal as it is only sustained  by the communication need that, once satisfied, releases the being in transit to the dimension that it deserves.


What do the beings do in the dimension in which they are located?

    They make a scrupulous judgment of the  recent life, both achievements and mistakes, and, together with “holy teachers”, they are guided to a new life, where they can correct their mistakes and continue their evolution.


Are the parents and family chosen?

 Yes, each being needs certain circumstances, teachings and also genes that will allow and facilitate learning and to carry out the work that is in that new life.


How many times must we reincarnate?

 As many as are necessary to understand your Divine origin and destiny and to do the work of God in humanity: Universal Love.


Where do babies and children go when they die?

  They are also placed in their proper dimension when they die as a baby or child. Their innocence did not generate karma; however they incarnated for two things: one for teaching their parents and the other to pay off the karma of their previous life. The law of karma governs the life of all flesh. (All karma is generated in life).


Why don't we remember past lives?

  For most people it is difficult to understand the true purpose of their present life. If you had knowledge of the previous ones, it would complicate your work in the world and your identity would be more confusing. However, the same as the mental communication “with the living and dead” through special brain wave frequencies, you can access the memory of past lives.


How do dead people see us?

  With compassion. You are unable to  understanding the barriers that time imposes on them. From the “other side” they can see time as a continuum and suffering does not exist, because they know that everything is temporary.

 True life is on the other side where you experience peace and harmony, the rest that is given by Universal love, when the being has ascended to a dimension closer to God.