What is love?  

  An energy that emanates from the spirit coming from the Universal Spirit.


How does one live love?

In fullness; it is undeniable when it overwhelms you.


How should we understand love?

Love doesn't understand, it is indefinable. It is experienced as an entirety, it embraces all and it is just a small emanation of God, it is like a tiny ray, and with that you become crazy.


How should we take responsibility for love?

 By becoming the owner of it, of that ray that God allows to filter from Him to your spirit, and emanate such a force that it floods your whole being. Take it and make it yours! If God grants it, it is yours.


What do you say about the A (Amor) symbol of love?

I told it to you and you understood it.


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I reside inside each and every one of you

It is necessary to differentiate love from passion.

Love is eternal;

passion is ephemeral.



Love is inexplicable, outside of all reasoning, definition or argument, and likewise, it is undeniable, as undeniable it is its force that it surpasses what should or should not be, it is simply LOVE: Ray of light.  


What do you say about eternal love?

  Eternal love goes beyond time and space. It is a love that embraces not only the body, the mind, the soul: it is a love from the spirit. It is an unforgettable eternal love that you will remember in each and every life. Love is love, it doesn't have to be sensual, of a partner, of marriage. Love is a pure feeling, without contamination, spontaneous, undeniable, that embraces you in your entirety.