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I reside inside each and every one of you
The Virgin Mary

Master and Father, could the Virgin Mary send greetings to her Guadalupe children, in her own words?

I am mother of humanity. I intercede for all my children to the Father and I care for you. My love and compassion accompany you and look after you. Like any mother I am looking out for everyone; even though there are many, a mother never neglects any of her children. That is my job, to take care of you with love.


What does Mary always Virgin mean?

In childhood, virginity is equal to innocence. Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus, above all is Divine Spirit; she is in a very high spiritual level. She took on a human body to give birth to another body that is the dwelling of the Great Universal Light: God, called Jesus, Only Begotten Son, the Messiah, the Savior, the one who comes in the name of the Lord, and that He also embodied to dwell among you.

Jesus' only mission? To teach to love one another. In that historical moment he was not understood. Humanity continued on its bloodthirsty path, like beasts that feed on each other. Today, 2011, the year close to the awakening of the spirit, many roads exist that lead to the Light which dissipates darkness. Science and philosophy have shaken hands. The religions made for and by man have divided humanity into sects. In the simplicity and humility of your heart you will hear my voice: consolation and hope; Divine Protection.


Do the Virgin Mary and the Saints help you to meet the needs of the people?

There are multiple hierarchies in each vibratory level, such that every being inhabits a different dimension. For example, a human being who is only concerned with eating and breathing is not the same as one who cares about the benefit of others. His vibratory rate is different in each one of them. His spiritual dimension lives in different spheres. They correspond to different levels. In like manner, the Virgin Mary is located at a level close to the Father, and the Saints in a lower level. 






Do the Virgin Mary and Saints exist?

The Virgin Mary is closer to God than the other Saints. The Virgin Mary and the Saints are receiving vessels of the power of God. The reception of the energy and power of God, through them, is given to who requests it, to who needs it; it is like for a thirsty person to drink water. 


Is the cape of the Virgin of Guadalupe the original one?

The Virgin of Guadalupe is the Virgin Mary; the cape is matter that has nothing to do with the Divine. You cannot prove Divinity in the material world, because it's on a different vibratory level.  

The cape is human work that tries to prove the Divine. That the Virgin Mary exists, she exists. She is Divine.

For that, miracles exist; however, in this case, there is a "vague impression of the Virgin" that later on was artistically defined with the style of character that they wanted to startle people with. That it exists, it exists! But the original one; the other ones are pirate copies!


What were the merits of the Virgin Mary to be closer to God than the rest of the Saints?

            Simply to accept, to give birth to Jesus, is a merit that doesnít come from the human dimension. Itís a merit that is given from the Light of the Spirit. She was predetermined to be His mother; therefore She corresponds to a spiritual level, closer to God.