What matters today is that My Words are being fulfilled. I told you it before, but again I say it to the people, as I have been doing in recent months.

 The signal was climate change, drought (in the rainy season), and then torrential rains. I did not send the evil or catastrophe to the world.

I warn you of what you are creating, and offer you a way to restore the Natural Order: GO BACK TO SOURCE.


Lord, is there anything more in this message?

The only thing I would add is: I AM WITH MY CHILDREN.


Human behavior, like the stock market, is systemic: the state of being of a part of either of the two affects the rest of the system. Such that the famine in Africa affects the prosperity of New York, the same way it affects the economies.

It's time to realize the delicate web which connects each of us to all others and how we should concern ourselves each with others: don't be skeptical about a person who is dying of hunger, but rather see a part of you yourself dying with him. Take care of each other. (August 21, 2011).

Is the statement you have given us coming true about the people doing evil acts such as those of Acapulco?

They are already being executed by their own murderous hands.


You can say this to all the people that you know and on the 'net. I can no longer continue to use Sara. The urgency was to give you this message. Now I leave you. I cannot continue using human bodies; it causes deterioration for her. Her body is not yet made for this.

How will we unite our hearts?

Simply thinking of God we are united.

If we unite our hearts in love to God, we can stop it!

 Who is the one that speaks?

    It is THE TRINITY.

(March 18, 2011)


Again I tell you

 Unite your hearts in

 love to God!


This uniting is the force that Mexico and the whole world needs to foil the wickedness that has emerged as the only ruler of the world.

Humanity has the power of again lighting the fire of love, fraternity and balance for a renewed world.


     There is still time to retrace your steps and come back from the brink of destruction.


People might think that what is happening now is normal, because all sorts of bad things and misfortunes have always happened,  and now we are just more people on the Planet and globalization means we learn about more things, that is, they think that what we are living and seeing are just everyday occurrences and that everything will always remain the same. Master, what do You think?

There are always two ways of looking at things: one as an optimistic, which is the way to refer to the commentator, and the other as a pessimist.

Unfortunately it is a fact that the Planet and all beings are in decline. Just realize that animal and plant species are disappearing day by day, the result of the contamination of the water, air and earth, the exacerbation of human evil, the food shortages in many regions. While all this has happened in the past, now is at its limits, which if prolonged will be unsustainable.

Current events are unprecedented. Even though the globalization is argued in the communications media and in the interaction among all countries in the world, the deterioration is global.


All the above-mentioned never had happened on all the Planet before, hence the alarm I Am communicating.










Father, today is July 24th. Why is it special?

What is special is that My Words are beginning to become reality. l have told you that there would be droughts and then torrential rains, and they have begun.

 Begin to feel the force that holds mankind: inundations y natural catastrophes begin a new cycle. Food shortages will worsen and violence will increase. Drug trafficking is activated to a greater extent and permeates every economic level in any society to reach a point in which all people will have contact with the drug trafficker, being a victim or a helper. This is why the urgent call for Divine Protection is made again today. Today, August 24th, I again tell you:

Take shelter in the love of God.

In difficult times it is the only safe abode. I, as Father Protector, receive and protect you. 


The world is boiling. In all countries, without exception, there are social problems, the result of the breakdown of the family. Humanity is at war. There will be stronger outbreaks in some places; Mexico is one of them. You are going to see shocking news. At the right time I will guide you and give you a message of compassion.

The stock market behaves as does humanity: in large crises it shrinks: its values go down. And because of the attention received, it recuperates its essence and stabilizes itself. The economy is a reflection of the state of  humanity.

Humanity is collapsing;

it's on the floor.  

What about the execution of Humberto Leal García. (July 6, 2011).

The Law against crime becomes criminal when it is underpinned by racism and homophobia. Only in brotherhood, in equality and in the consideration for others as fellow human beings and brothers can we assess conduct fairly.


Today I have brought Sara to your presence, because it is urgent that you give these messages to the world.

Mexico is one of the countries in danger, announce it!

Every day we must request protection!

Announce it and publicize it on this page.

Let us unite our hearts in love to God!

These are the words and I will be able to intervene to save many people. This is an urgent message; the rest is secondary.

If you unite your hearts in love to God, you can stop it.




1. - The guerrillas in organized crime, the militia and the civil population will increase.

2. - Lack of safety will increase considerably.

3. - Shortages from lack of security in transportation and lack of incentives to plant more crops will be made felt in all sectors.

4. - The economically well off will emigrate to the United States and other countries. This will accentuate the lack of economic resources in the country.

5. - The military will have many casualties in their fighting. (Poverty and desertion).

6. - The each time more dishonest politics will increase the anger and the aggressiveness of the populace which will steal from others what they want or need.

7. - Earthquakes and water shortages  have drained aquifer mantles, caused disturbances in the population and loss of jobs.

          8. - Fear, uncertainty, distrust and evil will be the feelings that inhabit the people.  



Did you notice the drought?

Yes, Boss, since a few weeks ago.

Many people have not noticed, so do not act accordingly.


They think the rain is a nuisance and an adversity, so they are happy that it doesn't rain in August!

 But this drought is an adversity and there will be torrential rains, but all in an unbalanced state, which goes against nature.


Someone described the following:

“I prophesy that television programs will end up making prophesies every  year after 2012, until a fluke gives them something. I prophesy that after December 2012 there will be a program on why the prophesies weren't correct and then on the correctness that the prophesies were not correct....”

 Master and Father, what do you think?

 First of all, I want to congratulate that spontaneous commentator for his great optimism, and for disregarding everything that are now facts, not prophesies, and examples abound. It is sufficient to just turn on the television, to some news program, or read the newspapers. You can qualify them only with the day's events, you can also sharpen your senses and understand that  the prophesies today are facts.

 Some cultural TV channels are devoted to the phenomena, they only show the phenomena as they are, without judgment; and I'm not defending the channels nor their producers. I'm not a partner of them. I am just clarifying that what is shown is what is. Skepticism or conviction of the beholder depends on the subjective analysis each one makes. I can add: he who has eyes, may he see and he who has ears, may he hear, what in one moment is a prophecy, in another moment is a fact. In what moment are you living?






















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The urgency of the destruction that approaches