What is a good father like?

A father teaches, doesn't punish. He loves and never leaves, doesn't need to forgive, because he doesn't judge, and above all guides by the way to become like him: just, loving, unconditional, straight and honest himself and with others. There are biological fathers who give life and Spiritual Fathers who lead in life and teach how to be parents. 

Today's world requires Spiritual Fathers. The biological ones abound, whether intentionally, motivated by the desire to have a child, or by accident of their actions. 

The Spiritual Fathers receive the children of the world, to guide them and nurture their spirit, in the only unchangeable purpose of the human being: to raise awareness of its Divine origen. (June 19, 2011).


If a child needs some correction at some point, will it be necessary to apply it, although it may hurt?

Sometimes the lessons are more painful for the father than for the son; however, they are necessary.


Do the fathers who abandon their children generate karma?

 Yes. To father a child is a responsibility and to act as a parent is a must.


How can we guide a child so it becomes an exemplary parent?

 By example. And I know Miguel Ángel is going to say, “Is that all?” If you want, We can insist!

 It is through their words, their actions, their attitudes, their emotions and above all, through love for their children. The key to guiding a child, to be like that exemplary father, is love. A loving father is straight, a just disciplinarian, but above all, loving.


Should a good father teach his son to also be a good father, that is with his future grandchildren?

There are questions that are obvious and don't require answering.


How can a good father motivate to follow his work?

His example educates or spoils. In the case of a good example, it will form a person in righteousness, morality, service to others, from the unconditional love and the readiness to help the other.


Lord, will the over-protective parents some day understand the damage that they make to their children?

 They don't think that it is over-protection. They think that it is love and that it is their obligation to serve them. That is their decision; they will live with the consequences, the same as will their children.


            Do the overprotective mothers and fathers help their children this way?

 Yes, to be useless and to not fend for themselves. That's how they 'help' them.


Why do they over protect them?

  Due to guilt and fear.


In the end, who comes out more aggrieved?

  They all do, the whole family. Some give in excess and are empty; others receive in excess and they don't know that to do with it. They lose the ability to desire and the drive to get what they want.


 Is it possible to make these parents conscious of the responsibility that they have so that they achieve the appropriate result intelligently?

   The true teaching in love to children is to teach them how to fish, not to give them the fish. This way they will have sustenance all their lives and not just one single time. That is true love to children that sometimes is confused with overprotection.


 What is the benefit for the overprotective parents?

   To control people who overprotect. They believe they can control what happens, this being a misperception. Why do they control? For fear of something happening outside of their control, something that they cannot control.


Is it true that the parents should solve everything for their children, because they didn't ask to come into the world?

   No. They should teach them to solve problems. Good parents teach their children to solve. And as for “they didn't ask to come into the world”, it is a lie.

   The children choose the parents who will give them the opportunity to live and learn: what they need to live, and of course, to learn.

    The commitment of the children is greater than that of the parents, because they chose the parents and not conversely.


     What do you say about parents who are convinced that today's world is hostile and look to overprotect their children?

   Not all the world is hostile; it is also multidimensional. Matter is also multidimensional. There are those who live in paradise, those who live in hell, and all live on the same Planet. This is not by chance. It is the experience that corresponds to each one.


   Why is there this difference?

  By the Law of Cause and Effect: you reap what you sow.


   By delegating responsibilities do the parents make their children lose their self-esteem and suffer?

  It is the duty of parents to teach them to be accountable for their actions, for their needs, and all that pertains to that person.


   How can we help the family structure be strengthened?

   Through love, values are generated, indissolvable strings are generated that maintain the family together.


         Should the children be helpful?

   Yes, they should be helpful, not servile.


   Is the commandment, “Honor thy father and mother" still valid?

   The commandments will continue valid eternally. The Universal Laws are timeless as the Divinity is timeless. 


         Will the families all be perfect on our planet some day?

  No, the wealth is in diversity. There will always be he who teaches and he who learns, on the Earth and in the rest of the Universe.


         Where there is equality there is no freedom and where there is freedom there is no equality?

 Where there is equality there is freedom based on respect for each other. If I feel equal to my peers, I respect their freedom and viceversa.


  Why are there so many broken homes today?

   Because the current human doesn't want to commit, it is not willing to give anything for another and is condemned to solitude. 


  Do the children need to see and to have their parents together to be in harmony?

  If they are in harmony together, yes. If the relationship is destructive, it is harmful.


   Lord, I am a mom that wants to ask you the following question: why do I feel so uneasy with the changes that you are announcing?

   Because you perceive them.


  I feel you are very angry with us. Is it true?

  No. Don't attribute to me human feelings. I'm trying to save you, so I send you these messages so that you be conscious of the responsibility that you have for your acts.

 The only thing that I want to clarify is that my behavior as a Superior Being (and it is not egoism or narcissism), doesn't correspond to human behavior, so that I don't share with you many of your emotions or feelings. A feeling that we do fully share is love.


   When people live together with unresolved conflicts that clash in the current lifetime, it is because they are dragging problems from past lives?

    Fundamentally it is for learning from each other; this way you learn what you don't know.


  Why is my emotional bond so strong with the father of my children?

     The conception of children is chosen from a higher dimension in contact with God, because a human being must be conceived so that he can fulfill everything that he goes into the world to do. It is for that reason that they choose their parents and that relationship is very strong.


    I ask you to illuminate my children, that you don't forsake them. If I can do something extra for them, I'm ready for anything.

     Your children are my children. I take care of them all, but I don't intervene in their decisions; life choices are personal. I, your Father, respect them. 


June 14, 2011

The Boss got me out of bed this morning to give me messages. I can go back to sleep, can't I?

Take your book and start writing.


Lord, the topic of the mother seemed unfinished. Can you tell me more about that?

 The woman of today has lost many abilities concerning her sex: raising children (yes, like chicks), keeping company at home, her willingness to listen and give wise counsel, giving comfort, always guiding towards straight and honest conduct, i.e. “making the home” as a safe family shelter The conditions of modern life have demanded a transformation of the above: that the traditional mother be changed into a competitive woman, prepared to take jobs equal to men, which is well-deserved given her mental and psychological capacities equal to those of men, not her biological capacities (maternal, loving and tender) towards children and family, and her way of “being home for them” have been diminished and confused by the demands of a society that bestows public praise on material wealth, which unfortunately as a result loses the essential role of the man in the family: on one hand to be the breadwinner and supplier and on the other hand to be a figure of support and protection.


In most of the consumer culture, both roles have been relegated to women: single mothers, broken families, fathers disabled by the competition of a prominent professional woman, and also for the male comfort, such that the woman is the provider of the family.

The challenge facing women today is great: to continue being the tender mother, loving, guide and center of the family and also a competitive mother in the material world. The result of this challenge is polarization: women who refuse to be mothers either relegating the care of children to schools, grandparents, nannies, etc., becoming only the providers and weekend mothers, or, in total denial of this role: they prefer to be the professional and successful women of the economic world, until nature tells them that something is missing, and in that consciousness selects the father of a child, as a means for this need. The child is not the product of the love of a couple, but the product of the negotiation of “benefit” to simulate a family. And the child will grow, both in material abundance and in division between the father and the mother.

 Today's society struggles with resentment and behavior generated in children and youths who come from destructured homes, where there are no mother and father as such, but rather individuals who must be seen separately and by calendar date.  

The parents, faced with such inconsistency, compensate their children with gifts, entertainment, prizes, over protection, etc., which far from covering their basic emotional needs and those of belonging to a family, reinforce the emptiness that generates in them the family situation.


Having a child is not a matter of fulfilling a biological requirement or a social satisfaction; it is a commitment first to love and then the responsibility to form a human being in all areas, that include biological, psychological and spiritual.


It is a commitment, not only to the children, but to all humanity:


Healthy children = healthy society = responsible humanity.



Father, why does the Virgin Mary have so many representations in different parts of the world?

 The mother image is essential for every human being. The Virgin Mary takes a personality in different cultures: Our Lady of Fatima, the Black Virgin, Virgin of Guadalupe, Our Lady of Lourdes, etc. Their names are innumerable, their meaning is the same: the spiritual representation of the mother: loving, protective and caring for their children.

It is in her in whom requests for intercession with the Father are deposited, just as you do in the world.

 She advocates unconditionally for her children in difficulties. It was necessary for the Virgin Mary to experience motherhood to be able to become the spiritual Mother of humanity.


Is the Virgin Mary overprotective as some mothers are?

No. True love is fair, not devious. Her intercession with the Father occurs when the petition is in sincere repentance for past mistakes and to the plight of a Mother for her children.


Is what happens to the children their sole responsibility or are the parents also involved?

It depends on the stage of life they are both in, the children as well as the parents.

 In infancy, in adolescence, they are co-participants: both constructed their reality.

In adulthood, the individual must have learned both good and bad lessons from the parents. And anyway he should consider them his teachers, and as such, venerate them.

 To the extent that the children succeed to venerate their parents, who are their teachers, they are reconciled with themselves and are able to climb the ladder of spirituality, converting their experiences, however painful they may be, in exemplary life learning for themselves and for those around them. Karma becomes Dharma, debt becomes retribution. Like when the government returns your tax money.


What is karma?

Karma is the wheel of life revolving endlessly and is subject to the laws of Cause and Effect.


What is dharma?

It is the learning that humans achieve through life experiences.


Lord, does this mean that we can have balance in favor?

The balance in favor is what we have learned.

Karma always must be settled, and when it generates an exemplary learning, converting the person in the student who surpassed the teacher, evolution is achieved, not only for that individual, but for many people, who through him will receive the learning.












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I reside inside each and every one of you

Parents and Children

Lord, why didn't you give us a message for Mother's Day?

The message of Mother's Day is implicit in the meaning of the word Alma mater. (Nourishing mother).


Why did you trust women for pregnancy and the birth of children?

Women are by nature loving, tender, devoted and unconditional in their love. 

It is a vast subject that I am going to deal with in a lot of depth. What I have answered now is brief.

I am going to give you a comprehensive and concrete explanation of why the role of women in procreation.


Today's the day, Boss. We're at your command!

We agreed that I am going to generate the questions and the answers. All according to your preoccupations and necessities.


Why in the human race is it that the woman conceives in her womb and gives birth to children?

The woman is the receptacle of the divine energy that creates life; man is the bearer. The semen and the ovule, through divine energy, engender a new being. Woman was made to be receiver of this energy, caring for it lovingly, and then to place this love in the children she gives birth to.


I know that now the obvious question is, why not the man?

 Man carries this energy, but his physical and physiological characteristics are to fight and provide for both the children and the women. Man is made for strength, hard work and especially for walking, to come and go. He's made for the hunt. The woman remains, is the home.


     Are there the same characteristics in all the animal and plant species that reproduce sexually?


Yes. I endowed women, females, female organs of plants, with all the elements to protect the lives and abound in the world, in a chain of species, whose relationships are in mutual exchange and in benefit of each other. That is why I ask respect for all species. 

The subject is so abundant that I could speak from the design of the anatomy, how it functions, to the emotions generated by being bearers of this property.

We can start talking about the anatomy and its functions:

The female reproductive tract, speaking of the human species, is designed as a carrier for the fetus, and the ovaries are the generators of seeds waiting sperm fertilization; the mammary glands nourish the new being. Everything is calculated. It's a complete kit for the new being. Each child is provided with a mother.

Emotionally, women, females, the plants, fulfill themselves as a species or as a human being, giving life to another being. It is the most sublime emotion they can have! Some say that plants have no emotions. Try talking to them and playing music to your plants and observe the results.

The most important issue is the woman’s spirituality par excellence: She is generous knowing how to be a mother: she is capable of unconditional love for mankind. That is why the Virgin Mary lived the experience of motherhood and is the Mother of Mankind.


Now you ask the questions.



What about a surrogate mother?

Everything that I have spoken of the mother until now is in women connected to the Divine Energy. You know there can be a disconnection, and that's where someone can conceive as a business or for some other benefit. A true mother cannot give up her child.


Why do so many women today not accept their children?

Society is in crisis and the roles of the mother and father are blurred. In many couples, neither of the two is clear about his duties. I refer again to the disconnection with the spirit. The spirit is the bearer of Divine Wisdom. When it's disconnected, this quality is lost.


How can we help young people to achieve the maturity to be good parents?

Guide them in reconnecting with the spirit. The spirit gives consciousness.


What do you think about unmarried mothers?

Legal status does not determine its quality. There can be a very good single parent or a very bad married one.


What's a good mother like?

It's a woman who gave birth to a child whom she loves unconditionally: she cares and educates during the first years, and then gives them the freedom to leave.

A mother who is attached to her children is not a good mother. She considers them as a possession.


What is the ultimate act of love of a mother to her children?

The renunciation itself, for the good of the children, and good does not mean unlimited tolerance.


     Should the mothers be unconditional?

Yes, if it's in love, truth and justice, that is, on the right path for their children.


What can make a mother suffer more?

The suffering of her children.


Can a mother repudiate her children?

Yes, and it's when there is no connection. 



Abortion is a rejection of oneself.


Are there spiritual mothers?

Yes. They can be mothers and guides of the children of the world, without interest, without pay: simply as an act of love. For example, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, and there are thousands like her.



Some are real (spiritual) mothers, others not. Again, it's a matter of love for humanity. 


What do you think of machismo?

It is a deformation of masculinity. Masculinity is the strength, protection, physical abilities to protect, to provide for the family. Machismo is the abuse of these abilities towards those who don't have them, that is, the women.


Mistreatment of women?

Nobody has the right to mistreat a human being, much less in unequal circumstances, when the other cannot be defended.


Are there women who also abuse?

Yes, abuse is done to those who have minor or diminished capacity, whether physical or mental. There are women who mistreat their children or husband when they feel superior.

Abuse exercised by any human being of either sex and any age is against the Law of Creation. Every human, being in the same condition (from the Divine Spirit) has the obligation to protect the smaller and disadvantaged of any kind, in the same way, animals, plants, all sentient beings of Creation.


Can we fight violence with violence?

More times more, gives more.

More times less, gives less.

If you respond to violence with violence, it magnifies. If you respond to violence with peace, it decreases.


Discrimination against women?

To discriminate against women is to discriminate against oneself, because every human being was born of a woman. What part is denying himself who discriminates against women?


What do you think about what St. Paul tells us? (1Cor 14, 34-35).

"Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience, as also saith the law. And if they will learn any thing, let them ask their husbands at home: for it is a shame for women to speak in the church."

It is an anachronistic paradigm, in which abuse and the ignorance that was required were exerted on women, because they had no chance of any knowledge that didn't come from the father or the husband, which could be wrong.

It is an abuse, humiliation and excessive control, to any human being, woman or man. In the case of women, Paul abused his male position. If he had been a woman, the proposal would be the opposite.


Is the following true? (1Cor 14, 36) “What? Came the word of God out from you? Or came it unto you only?”

You decide. In the times of Paul My Words were also heard by women, but they were not allowed to express them. Today there are many witnesses that I speak to men and women equally. All are My children. For Me, My children are equal, men and women.


What do you think about what St. Paul says? (1Tim 2, 11-14)

“Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection. But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence. For Adam was first formed, then Eve. And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression.”

 Saulito (little Paul) was very hurt by his mother, and from there came his hatred of women. His way of taking revenge was to stigmatize them.

But in these times, please analyze: everyone acts with the resources he has; he cannot do beyond the resources he possesses. If hatred and resentment live inside you, your actions will be in concordance. Analyze the contents of Saul, who himself changed his name to Paul.


Is it true that Eve sinned by listening to the serpent, and that all women must pay for that sin?

Sometimes I laugh at your reasoning. In any case, if Eve heard and Adam did not, it was because he was deaf. It's totally absurd to make such claims. 


Is it true that some stem cells remain in the children as protection from disease?

What remains is the energy, the energy of love. It's another matter. We could not physically locate those cells. What is true is that there is a part of the maternal energy dwelling in the children. It is transmitted from generation to generation. This condition is the same coming from the father.


Could these be the same specific feelings and behaviors of the parents?

Not in all cases. Some are learned, others do come from this energy. For example, aggressive behavior is learned. What is in this energy is all that is uplifting to the human: to be honest, hardworking, loving, etc.


If he is just as evil as his father?

No, that is learned. If the father is evil, abusive, abandons the family, the son will learn to be the same.


How should the children return the effort, dedication and love to their mother?

In the same way, although the requirement is less than the mother to the child.


What do you think of this comment: “In the Catholic faith the Virgin Mary is considered the 'Mother of God' for believing that her son was.”

The Virgin Mary was the Mother of Jesus, who is a person of the Trinity.


Is it true that the Virgin Mary is the Mother of God?

I already answered that above. Remember that God exists in different dimensions, in the human dimension, in the person of Jesus, which is to whom the Virgin Mary gave birth.


The Trinity is Holy Trinity, Three in One God, God the One!

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