What are the attributes of a good teacher?

  A good teacher is the one who not only teaches, but who also learns.


Should a good teacher listen to his students?

 The great teachers listen, they listen more than they speak. In the teacher's silence is the best answer for the student. The best teacher keeps silent, after the student's questions, so that he finds the best answers.


Could this not be misinterpreted, meaning that the teacher must turn a deaf ear to the communication?

  I sometimes speak to you in parables that are not to be understood literally. The sense of what I say is: teach students to think. That is the meaning of what I said.


What does “the teacher's silence” mean?

  The teacher's silence is the opportunity that the student has to look for the answer, that is always inspired by the teacher's example. The teacher will also correct and enrich the answer.


What is the method and mechanics for the student to find the best answers?

  To generate concrete questions is the method. The mechanics are to concentrate on the answer that comes from the supreme teacher, to which the student can have access. Any question can be answered in your mind: if you empty it, the answer will fill it.


My perception is that there are 2 types of teachers: some of school and others spiritual ones. Is this correct?

  Although it seems paradoxical, the learning methods are the same, although there are 2 types of teachers, the scholars and the spiritual ones. Learning is always in the absence of prejudices and preconceived thoughts. No one can learn something new without emptying the mind.


Is a teacher a preacher?

  Yes, he preaches by example.


Is it a commitment to preach by example?

 There are real masters and teachers who call themselves masters. There is a very big variety of teachers, but the true teacher is the one who preaches by example. He is congruent with what he says, with what he thinks, with how he acts.


How should a good student be?

  The answer is very simple: a good student is he who is willing to learn. That is the best student.

   The best student is the one who is willing to learn; an open mind is a receptacle for knowledge.


How should a teacher be treated?

   With the respect they deserve, whoever managed to become a teacher.


Why at the present time are many students arrogant, overbearing and disrespectful?

  The loss of values in families generates disrespectful and irreverent children who fail to recognize the hierarchy of the elderly. They believe that all are equal and that causes them confusion and they feel unprotected.


What are the responsibilities that a teacher should have?

  A teacher teaches all that he has learned. The teacher's limit is his own knowledge. A teacher respects himself, respects his students and also considers himself a student. He respects his rules and enforces them.


What are the responsibilities that a student should have?

  The first one: to respect the teacher, to listen in obedience and attention. To accept the knowledge that he imparts, that is, to trust what he teaches him, and the biggest commitment: to be equal or better than he is. 


How can the teacher enhance social values?

  With the example of his life. What the teacher does is what the student learns. The most important teachers in the life of every human being are, guess who? THE PARENTS. 


How may we assess fairly the student?

    The most important point to evaluate is the student's maximum effort. Not everyone can reach the same level of knowledge, but their best effort will lead them to achieve it.


How can the teacher motivate the student to learn well?

  By recognizing their effort.


How should school education be?

   The first thing for the human being to learn is love and respect for one another. The rest is easy to learn. The concepts are easily learned when consciousness is installed. For that there are encyclopedias, but through them you cannot learn love and respect. Love and respect are the foundation of learning.


How should the bureaucratic structure be in education?

   It should not exist






















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