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The Holy Trinity

In Genesis chapter 18 it says:

The Lord appeared to AbrahamÖ

Looking up, he saw three men standing nearby.

Why does the Trinity disturb you so much? It is as if I asked you if your leg or your arm are part of you. God is One and at the same time is Triune.


        When God is mentioned in plural does it mean Holy Trinity?

             Yes, acting together. All of God, with arms and legs.


Does Holy of God mean God, Triune God?

God and Holiness are redundant. God and Trinity also.


Is there an analogy between the Trinity and substances such as water which can be in three different states, liquid, solid and gas, and its molecules can go from one state to another without changing its essence?

Yes, with their respective differences. You know all matter consists of atoms and molecules; the electrons, components of the above, are what distinguish one element from another. However, matter, thus composed, is only the crudest expression of its origin. 

The Trinity is formed by this origin, which is the subtlest form of energy, not yet comprehensible to humans, being still more subtle than quantic energy. I explained this already. I could say that it comes close to nothingness or emptiness, similar to the black holes, which are emptiness that absorbs and generates. 

The difference between one element and another lies in the different arrangement of electrons in the orbits which surround the nucleus of the atom. So, we have different elements only because of the difference of arrangement of the electrons in their orbits. 

Black holes: pure nothingness. They exert opposing forces, like centripetal and centrifugal forces, as they attract, repel, absorb and expel. They are the only pure voids in the cosmos. Through them are filtered more subtle forms of creative energy of matter. 

This principle present in the macrocosm also exists in humans. Their creativity comes from the vacuum receiver, through which all knowledge is filtered traveling in the Universal love energy. 

Contact with God is through these channels, or vacuum tubes (empty of thoughts, judgments and sensations). 













I reside inside each and every one of you

With all due respect, may I ask you some questions? May I write your answers?

What do you say about the Holy Trinity?


The Holy Trinity is the form in which humanity can understand a family: The Father, the Mother and the Son. But ALL are ONE and ONE is ALL.


Who is the one who speaks, the Father, the Son or the Holy Spirit?

All are ONE and ONE is EVERYTHING, but who comes closest to man is JESUS.

  January 25th 2011


How is the Holy Trinity formed?

            The Trinity is formed by:


Is there an analogy between the Trinity and Trigonometry?

Mathematics comes from God, forms a part of Him, but is like a leg of the Trinity. It is like saying that a leg is analogous to the entire body. It belongs but doesnít correspond. Trigonometry is part of mathematics that originated with God. God is the great mathematician. I have calculated everything mathematically. Everything has a precise time, from the gestation of a human being to his death and rebirth in another dimension. They are exact. Godís time is perfect mathematically.


Is there an analogy with structural design, where the triangle is the only stable geometric form, even when its union is by frictionless pins?

Donít try to conceptualize or intellectualize the nature of the Trinity. It goes beyond human comprehension, and while it includes the triangle, it is only a component. I could mention all geometry, and yet they are not analogs: they are homologs.