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I reside inside each and every one of you
Am I unprotected?

I have followed each one of your steps, sometimes insecure and sometimes dangerous. I have protected you of pain and of yourself. I have still been with you before being who you are. I know you from before you were you. Unprotected? The reason: I follow each one of my children with love, care and respect, until they learn how to fly to big heights and then: we fly together! Some achieve it and others fall. Those that fall some day will achieve it. The time to achieve this, is the eternity, without rate neither measure.

The man is said successful when he reaches fame and fortune, when he is located above fools, weak and poor, he is believed Mister, but when nude dies and with the empty hands, he realizes that he is a poor man that lost the time making fortune and fame, but the one that sows in fertile field, will take good fruits in his cracked hands and he will offer them without greed to the highest, to God.


How can we fly with you?

In the purity of thought, word and deed.



My greatest hope is that all people, at the end of this life that you have given us, would fly to great heights with you and that we wouldn't fall. Is this possible? What should we do?

Yes, it is possible, if you learn how to fly without judgment or prejudice, only in the blind faith that I AM WHO AM and you allow me to take you to unexpected places. TRUST ME IMPLICITLY, WHATEVER HAPPENS.