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I reside inside each and every one of you
Virtual Reality


Human evil generates them as a way of control: of children, youth and adults who become addicted to them. The competition to be winners makes them insensitive. They donít care what they have to do ďto be winners.Ē Emotions are overridden and repressed for the pleasure of being victors, not realizing what it means to kill or hurt someone else. The blood spilled loses its sense of being a life vehicle and is only seen as part of the scenario, in which it only means one color more.

           To observe these scenarios where the preponderant idea is to overcome obstacles, kill, destroy whatever opposes to be winners, causes desensitization in the participants. They get used to violence in which what counts is to be the best, the one who kills the fastest, without conscience or compassion for the other. 

Promoting this desensitization from childhood leads to the development of a society without control, without limits for themselves or for others, generating a great inner emptiness and mass loneliness. They lose the ability to distinguish the virtual from the real, and it favors virtual human relationships, not involving commitment, emotions or feelings. 


         What is the success of virtual reality?

The human brain works the same way, both in reality and in fantasy. In virtual reality, the user has the opportunity to act outside of himself everything that is not allowed or is banned from his ethics, morals and values, because he can run it as a projection of himself, which does not imply any liability.

However, when one gets used to this form of action, brain pathway responses are established which respond in the same way during daily routine as during the games or virtual interchanges: without empathy, commitment or values.

So, images of the most heinous crimes can be seen without generating emotions, or feelings of suffering or pain, and in extreme cases (in some individuals) they can act criminally without any remorse. 


Do you have an imperial calling?

It is an empire, as there is always an emperor and subjects. 


         Can we measure the extent of its multiple consequences?

Its consequences are in two lines: one, to reach a higher technological achievement and facilitate global intercommunication, and two, dissemination of science and the arts. These could also contribute to the moral and spiritual development of the individual.

 Unfortunately, what is most profitable for these systems are the messages of human degradation, like pornography and the abuse of images related with crime and the incitement of it, through videos and games of competition, and the attraction that it represents for millions of people to observe in the network the maximum human degradation in which are transmitted the most despicable acts that are seen as successful by thousands of people.

We have examples of this transmitted in images of kidnappings, murders, torture, rape, pornography, and immediately they have thousands of visitors to their pages, motivating on many occasions the repetition of these acts, which become a fad among people who vibrate at the same low frequency. 


And how are you going to fix it, Boss?

I cannot fix it. I am working with you, raising awareness through these messages. The real work is up to you.

      If each one changes, i.e. raises his Spirit, soon there will be another humanity on the Planet. 


How can we make children and parents more aware?

Whoever is aware will work to raise awareness in others. The adults should teach the children, whether we speak metaphorically or in the real world. 


         Is there a diversity of opinion among people about the benefits or harm that videogames cause the users?

Economic interests will always be in favor of supporting this social trend. However, itís human consciousness that can oppose the existing social product (humanity today). I ask you if this society and their descendants are the most desirable or is there something to change?

Only consciousness in the Spirit will give the right answer. 


         I find many logistical problems to be able to fix this, including:

1.- There are too many pirated games which are very easy to transmit and copy;

2.- It is very easy to produce this virtual reality; even children in their innocence have a great facility to produce and program these products.

3.- Among adults we could say there is zero awareness of the evil that this social activity produces.

4.- A few unconscious people are enough to maintain the contamination.

I already answered all these points in the previous answer.

I can break down the answers to each one of your questions in different words, with synonyms, but it will always be the same:

Consciousness in the Spirit.

When man reaches consciousness in the Spirit, he is incapable to clone, produce, copy, or generate virtual realities in which they promote violence and crime. Itís the contact with the spirit which opposes it.


 Should parents expect the children to take responsibility spontaneously?

  No. If they are not aware for themselves, we must make them aware. 


         Does virtual reality have an overwhelming force?

Yes, of course.  It allows any fantasy to be projected from the different dimensions in which the human being lives, from the loftiest to the most abject.


         Whom is it overwhelming?

Primarily children and youth populations in developed countries. It is also being introduced into countries with lower rates of development, at a slower rate, but itís also penetrating them. The least susceptible to this are countries in extreme poverty, because their basic needs do not include virtual reality. Their reality is real. 


Is virtual reality the heir to the magic of Aladdinís lamp?

No, Itís fantasy. Itís a technological reality that helps or induces the individual to live experiences which are unreal, but from the technology. Aladdinís lamp is the recipient of a genie, generated from fantasy, able to satisfy the wishes of its owner. In this case, the genie acts in fantasy. And in virtual reality, the protagonist of the fantasy is the individual.


What mechanisms could we implement?

Be aware of the need to restore ethics, morals and values. And the most important: loving each other and the awareness that YOU ARE BEINGS CREATED BY ME, IN MY IMAGE AND LIKENESS, and who are currently living in the shadows, but with the promise to return to light.


Are there other consequences of the abuse of virtual reality?

            Greater desensitization and human degradation. 


What should be the main applications of virtual reality?

            The main objective of this technology is the dissemination of culture, of science, to facilitate learning and communication, especially at a distance. However, this system has been made sick, as always, by criminals who take advantage of any resources to propagate their products.


         Would it affect philosophy and ethics?

            Yes. Not everything is corruption. On the Internet are very exemplary pages, scientific, cultural and also spiritual. 


Is virtual reality the antithesis of consciousness?

No. Virtual reality can also go to high levels and reach the conscience, and even more - - - to the Spirit.   


What senses are to a greater extent easier to fool through virtual reality?

      Hearing and vision are the most pervertible as you can hear even asleep, and can see things without realizing it. However, taste, smell and touch cannot be fooled, hence the saying, ďhe who has eyes may he see, and he who has ears may he hearĒ. 


Had you already taken this into account 2000 years ago?

It is important to realize what you see and hear, because it goes directly to the conscience, consciously and unconsciously. There is the subliminal information. 


  Can the will force the perception of the world?

It is in the lack of will, as the individual can be manipulated.  

How much can we feel immersed in a virtual world?



         Boss, can the aware person do his part, without worrying about the actions of others?

No, the conscious person knows he forms part of the Whole and is included, as is everyone else, in this Whole.

         However, by each person changing individually, his environment will change.


Can we be aware, even if others are not?

            Yes, one candle lights another. 



Lord, when will the world change?

            The day that you change. Remember that one candle lights another - - - the fire spreads. 


Does the virtual world have the same laws of physics?

            No, because itís a virtual reality, intangible. In any case, the laws would be metaphysical (beyond physics).


What is the risk that people would experience in their minds situations contradictory to the laws of physics?

           It all depends on the conceptual framework, if the person is a main character or participant in a virtual reality. Heís not subject to physical laws, like jumping off a cliff with nothing happening to him, or flying is defying the laws of physics from fantasy. This is similar to dreams, where anything is possible. In virtual reality, there are no physical laws; the actors can do anything as in dreams. Thereís no censorship of any kind. 


         Does virtual reality make its users go crazy?

 Not in all cases. They are specific cases of violent and confusing issues, and an excess of them.



           Do people who spend many hours in videogames disconnect from their reality and awareness?



Can this be for good or bad?

      It can be either way.  


Is there virtual reality in Seventh Heaven?

           Considering virtual reality as unreal, designed from technology and directed to the mind, no.

           Because the ultimate reality is in this plane.  


Does absolute truth exist in Seventh Heaven?



Is virtual reality a new form of voluntariness?

            Itís the opposite. Itís the loss of willpower. It is ceding power to the virtual, personal power to virtual reality, in which the winner and the loser are outside of oneself. 


What happens to the person when he voluntarily manages illusory worlds?

       Humans have always done so, as fantasies, stories, metaphors, using their own mental resources. In the case of virtual reality, it is the technology that induces him to manage those worlds, leading the individual in ways that are not controlled by himself.  


Will a time come in which there is no difference between synthetic (virtual) worlds and real ones?

            It is a fantasy of many people, but congruence should always allow you to distinguish between them. They are different realities. Interpersonal intelligence has diminished, largely due to virtual reality, which contributes to dehumanization. If people are not attentive, it is the cause of many relationship problems among people, added to the racial differences, religious, philosophic and gender differences and those of mass sports interests.

            All this will contribute to people ending up being isolated, who, although in a crowded world, live in an inner emptiness, in his or her virtual reality. 


Should the people who develop virtual reality programs have a code of ethics and a conscience so that their works do not destroy the awareness of users?

Yes, and they should also have moral codes, considering ethics as a set of individual values and morality as a set of collective values. They should consider the impact they have on the minds of others. 


After virtual reality, what will the greatest tendency in human interactions be?

Up until now, virtual reality allows intercommunication at any distance, as well as information on everything thatís happening anywhere on the Planet. Later on, virtual presence and its interaction through holograms will be possible, without needing a physical presence, which entails a greater risk of desensitization, although it can also promote brain activity, as if it were a real situation.

The user can observe himself interacting with anyone he wishes and produce brain and sensory reactions that correspond to the situation. This is to activate their sensations, feelings and emotions at will in programs to obtain satisfaction, which the client requests. Interpersonal relationships will become increasingly distant from reality; solitary man can live virtually everything he desires.

So that scientific and technological development generates true benefits for humanity, it should be created in the knowledge that it should go hand in hand with human development. Otherwise it will be detrimental to the evolution of man as a tridimensional being, biological, psychological and spiritual, acting in a society.

His further evolution will focus on the purely rational, thus eliminating all that is not verifiable.

Faith, based on the intangible, will be an object of contempt and disqualification for a new robotic self-confident breed, powerful but short-lived, without much hope for what can be achieved in this life.

Selfishness and competition, as well as generalized dehumanization will finish off this new breed of machine men.


Will we survive this era that you described, after all we are living through- - -violence, dehumanization, natural and technological disasters?

In all humanity that has been on Earth there have been survivors. Way-showers have always descended to guide them along new paths towards the development of a humanity conscious of its Divine Origin, whose constant aim is Co-creation with God. This hasnít been achieved on Earth yet. Technological development always far exceeds the development of consciousness, which leads you to imminent destruction.

Today you stand again at the precipice, but this time, with the direct intervention of the Trinity, I give you the opportunity to change course and reestablish the Kingdom of God on Earth: return balance to the world and love of all beings that inhabit it. 

I have addressed many issues to open your eyes and ears to what is happening around the world because of blindness and deafness, and of the responsibility that comes with your acts. There is still time to rectify and to retrace your own steps:

Love each other and respect each other.

            Love and respect all life and all that makes up the Earth. I know that love is not learned from books, but if you turn to Me, I will guide you.