and silence

are the receivers

of plenitude and of

Universal Love.




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I reside inside each and every one of you

The Way Back

* Prayer is the medium by which we ask that our necessities and afflictions be heard. It is also the occasion to give thanks for what we have received: love, life, health, sustenance.

 * In meditation we approach the Creative Void that fills all.

 * In contemplation is the fullness of all Created and not created.

 * And in the absolute silence of the mind come the Words of the Master who has waited to teach us the path to the Origin and first cause: God.

 Whatever is chosen with love, with practice, devotion and genuine desire, will lead us to the unmanifested presence of the Cause, where we can experience absolute peace, unconditional love, the security of being one with the Creator, a state in which fear and distrust disappear to become the certainty of what truly IS.


Each day will be guided by our highest sense:

the love of the Creator.

In this certainty we can overcome the differences with others, knowing that they are parts of Myself, in different activities. Recognized thusly, you will be accepted.


There will not be judgments for anyone, but rather compassion and understanding.


In this acceptation, humanity is reconciled in one body with the Planet and all that has been Created on it in a network that covers every living being and every element that supports them.

Love and respect will unite all races, religions and differences in a large body, involved in the destiny of the Planet first, and afterwards, the entire Universe.

The awakening of consciousness will make us responsible beings in the Divine Co-creation.

We will be part of the Universal Mind: the source of all manifest and unmanifest.

 This is why the current time is running out for humans to realize the great responsibility implied in BEING human:

God Himself dwelling in each one of us:

 so that our work with our fellow humans, with Nature, the elements that make up the Earth and with everything in Creation (manifested or not), be renewed by means of BEING IN THE IMAGE AND LIKENESS OF GOD inhabiting the human, namely God Himself in each one of us.